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Three programmable automation controllers (PACs) Released by Rockwell

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Three programmable automation controllers (PACs) are introduced by Rockwell based on the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix form factor, that includes the Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix, CompactLogix L2 and CompactLogix L4 controllers. Configuration by all can be done in the Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 common design environment. The need for visualization and information in mid-range machine applications is fulfilled using the PanelView Plus 6 or the PanelView Plus Compact operator interface fulfills. The benefits that the Rockwell Automation Logix Control Platform brings to the CompactLogix PAC are, common configuration, networking and visualization environment and smaller, machine-level control applications. The Compact Logix platform is designed combined with Compact I/O, for customers looking for high performance and multi disciplined control in a small footprint.

For the OEM and end users wishing to meet machine requirements of tomorrow cost effectively, the ideal solution is Rockwell Automation Logix-based control solutions. With features like information enabled software, integrated safety and standard control, reusable development tools and integrated motion control on the EtherNet/IP network, Rockwell Automation helps bring machines beyond customer expectations cost effectively and on time.

Anti-dumping probe on US extended by Authorities in China

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 Investigation of anti-dumping into US-made vehicles is to be extended by Chinese authorities. US autos having engines of size 2L or above are being probed into.

Due to the complicated nature of the case, the investigation is being extended by six months, to May 2011, according to a report which cited a statement from the Ministry of Commerce by Dow Jones. In response to an appeal from the car industry in China in last October, China started conducting a preliminary anti-dumping investigation of vehicles made in US. An objective, fair and just review was promised by an official at that time.

This comes after the US President Obama angered Beijing the previous month by slapping a duty of 35% on imports of tyres that are China made, that came up to about US$1.8bn totally last year.

Fiat keeps top spot in Brazil despite falling sales

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Brazil’s auto market top spot was held by Fiat S.p.A. in October showing sales of 62,946 light trucks and new cars, down 5.8 percent from the previous month.

Volkswagen AG having No2 position saw the unit sales grow up 2.2 percent to 61,351. 55,910 vehicles sold by GM, down 5.2 percent every month and Ford Motor Co. saw an 8.6 percent jump from September having sold 29,474.

Entire sales of light trucks and new cars fell 1.3 percent from September last month to 303,200 vehicles, said by Anfavea, national automakers’ association.

October saw a sharp rise in Brazil’s automobile production, recovering from a decrease the month previously, helping offset slower domestic sales due to the rush in exports.