Fiat keeps top spot in Brazil despite falling sales

Brazil’s auto market top spot was held by Fiat S.p.A. in October showing sales of 62,946 light trucks and new cars, down 5.8 percent from the previous month.

Volkswagen AG having No2 position saw the unit sales grow up 2.2 percent to 61,351. 55,910 vehicles sold by GM, down 5.2 percent every month and Ford Motor Co. saw an 8.6 percent jump from September having sold 29,474.

Entire sales of light trucks and new cars fell 1.3 percent from September last month to 303,200 vehicles, said by Anfavea, national automakers’ association.

October saw a sharp rise in Brazil’s automobile production, recovering from a decrease the month previously, helping offset slower domestic sales due to the rush in exports.